SheNatural offers a list of additional services please feel free to fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in contact with you within 24-48hours. 
VIRTUAL DOULA: in the event where you would still want me as a doula and for whatever reason I can not make it to your location I do offer virtual services. I am still able to provide emotional and informational support throughout your pregnancy experience and will conduct weekly calls via zoom or FaceTime.  
Price: $800
POSTPARTUM AFTERCARE PACKAGE: Includes weekly home visits starting the week after being discharged and will continue for 6 weeks. Doula will come in and perform postpartum tasks such as doing laundry, cooking, meal preps, breastfeeding help, running errands etc. It will also include 3 rounds of yoni steams, a detailed diet of your choice and a workout plan if desired. 
Price: $600
DOULA MENTORSHIP TRAINING : training designed for anyone interested in becoming a doula. In this training we will provide all the information needed to start a successful business within the industry. Whether you are looking to do this as an extra source of income or do this full time you will finish this training ready & excited to assist with birthing babies. We will teach you everything there is to know to ensure you will be able to provide mama with the birth experience of HER CHOICE. 
  • Doula Ebook
  • Doula Certificate
PLATINUM DOULA GROUP: I Personally come out to your location and teach in a group setting (10 students max) everything there is to know about becoming a doula.
Price: $5000
LIFE COACHING: initial meeting is $100 for 90 minutes every session going forward is $80 for 60 minutes.