My name is Wilnica Janvier owner & creator of She Natural l 25 l mother of 2 beautiful girls. I am a doula who created a natural hair and skin care product. One thing I am extremely passionate about is “motherhood” growing up I’ve always wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse but over the years I decided doing things the natural way resonated with me more so it doesn’t shock me at all that I ended up becoming a doula. Being a mother myself I felt called to create my brand around motherhood and service expecting and seasoned mothers. Most people ask me how or why I came up with She Natural and I always say easy those 2 wonderful souls in my picture was my "WHY" Like most mamas I understood the struggles of wash days & finding reliable products that not only worked for me but also for my little ones (not to mention we all have different hair types & porosity) I figured if I was having these issues I could only begin to imagine how many other mamas out there was facing the exact same problem. After I sustained a hand injury and couldn't use my left arm for a period of time I was desperate to find a product that would make my life easier. After many failed attempts & almost giving up on being natural all together I decided to research & look more into natural hair remedies which lead me to the birth of She Natural. I have dedicated the last year to perfecting my craft so I can offer nothing but the BEST products & services made with love. I've committed my entire being to my brand & have cut off all my long hair to join the journey to beautiful healthy hair and just embracing our natural beauty altogether. Every product was first tested on not only myself but my babies also. We pride in being 100% natural & kid friendly. She Natural isn't just a product it's a lifestyle so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing us. 


Here's a few pictures of my natural journey (: